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Electric Quebec: A carbon-neutral family roadtrip

Road tripping through Quebec while piloting an electric vehicle for the first time 

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Two new Canadian books reveal the why and how of family travel 

Despite the many challenges of family vacations, these two novels explore why travelling with kids is a priceless experience that can create memories that will last a lifetime 

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Checking off a bucket list dream: Riding a Harley Davidson 

Some riders love them, some riders hate them. But there's nothing quite like watching people fly by on a Harley Davidson.  

Canada’s Best Gondolas, Funiculars and Tramways

Everything you need to know about these unique methods of transportation and where to find them 

Do look up: The best places to stargaze in Canada this summer

Dark Sky Preserves are the more affordable face of modern astro-tourism. 

Preserving the world’s most memorable cocktail

When it comes to the Sourtoe Cocktail, only the drinker is shaken and stirred

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Exploring Montreal’s Jewish food scene

Whether it’s the old classics or classy newcomers, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to Montreal’s Jewish food scene

How to pronounce Antigua (and other tales of the Caribbean island) 

“It’s An-tee-guh, not An-tee-gwuh”

Chasing icebergs in Newfoundland

Newly-revamped “Iceberg Finder” makes it easy for visitors to find the best spots in Newfoundland for iceberg viewing 

The new Golden Skybridge in Golden, B.C. offers sweeping views of two mountain ranges. (Photo: Javier Frutos/Can Geo Travel)