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Clue #1

The Great Trail Segment: Heritage Trail (Cole Harbour, N.S.)

Clue #2

This treasure is on the Heritage Trail in the Cole Harbour Coastal Heritage Park. Start at the merge for the Salt Marsh Trail and Shearwater Flyer Trail; you want the Salt Marsh Trail side of Bissett Rd.

Clue #3

At the roadside on the left hand side of the parking lot is the Heritage Trail. Going west off the Salt Marsh Trail along the Heritage Trail, the second overflow parking lot will be on your left.

Clue #4

North of where the trail meets another that passes over a small brook, you will find what you’re looking for. Look for the downed birch trees all lined up together.

Clue #5

Latitude: 44.663333
Longitude: -63.464972
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The floe edge, where land-fast ice meets the open Arctic Ocean in spring and summer. (Photo: Dave Briggs/Arctic Kingdom)