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Clue #1

The Great Trail Segment: East Coast Trail

Clue #2

The area is near the ocean and the cliffs are not high. There are many wild rose bushes and a boardwalk that snakes along a lush meadow. Two islands can be seen in the distance.

Clue #3

There is an open land point facing the bay. There is a white tree with small clusters of light green hanging moss that contrasts against the other dark green trees behind it.

Clue #4

On one side of the boardwalk is the short cliff and beach below, while on the other side is tall grass and dense forest. The box is placed north of the path.

Clue #5

Latitude: 47.284378
Longitude: -52.796535
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The floe edge, where land-fast ice meets the open Arctic Ocean in spring and summer. (Photo: Dave Briggs/Arctic Kingdom)