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Clue #1

The Great Trail Segment: Winnipeg

Clue #2

Get out your cutlery! With 6000 years of meetings here, you’re in good company among aboriginal peoples, European fur traders, Métis buffalo hunters, Scottish settlers, riverboat workers, railway pioneers and tens of thousands of immigrants.

Clue #3

Find yourself in Nature! This wild garden has over 10,000 plants in over 150 native plant species, including 38 prairie plants such as prairie crocus, wild iris, bergamot, purple prairie clover and wild columbine.

Clue #4

Balance your inner spirit! Look for a granite stone sculpture weighing approximately 10 tonnes by the historic train bridge overtaken by local artists.

Clue #5

Latitude: 49.886389
Longitude: -97.129167
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The floe edge, where land-fast ice meets the open Arctic Ocean in spring and summer. (Photo: Dave Briggs/Arctic Kingdom)