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Clue #1

The Great Trail Segment: Winnipeg

Clue #2

Look out! Any further down Main Street and you leave Winnipeg behind… but when you find some of the oldest and largest trees in Manitoba and a pool built for Olympians, you’ve hit the right park!

Clue #3

Getting hungry? Although you may wander to the edge of the Prairie, past a stage under the Rainbow and a hut commandeered by a Witch, you may need to stop for nourishment amidst your travels!

Clue #4

Local hero! Recognized for his role in the “Devil’s Brigade,” this spot commemorates the Saulteaux Indian (born right here in Petersfield, Manitoba!) who was Canada’s most decorated Aboriginal soldier in WWII.

Clue #5

Latitude: 49.944167
Longitude: -97.104722
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The floe edge, where land-fast ice meets the open Arctic Ocean in spring and summer. (Photo: Dave Briggs/Arctic Kingdom)