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Canadian Geographic Travel

Submission Guidelines

Writer’s guidelines

We don’t have formal writing or photography guidelines because we believe that the best indication of what we are looking for can be found in the magazine and our website. It’s important to be familiar with the content, architecture, audience and tone of our magazine and website before pitching.

Always send us your ideas in writing. You can email your query to [email protected]

We like ideas to be topical, current, creative and compelling. We look to the quality of the writing in the proposal itself for indications of how well writers write. We also need ideas that mesh with our timelines; we often plan features more than a year before they’re published, although we can fit in shorter pieces for our front-of-book and back-of-book sections more quickly. And finally, be patient. We publish Canadian Geographic Travel twice a year, and that means we only buy about 10 feature stories for print per year. Each of those stories represents a considerable investment for us in photography, cartography and the work of the handling editor. We consider good proposals carefully and many are rejected simply because, say, we have too many ski resort stories from British Columbia on hand or too many stories about luxury beach resorts in the Caribbean. A rejection letter from us is often the result of a decision about our needs and not your skills.

Due to the volume of pitches we receive, we may not be able to respond to each query individually.

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